Linda and Hugo both sang in choirs during their high school and college years in the 1960's. Then came a long pause for both of us. In the fall of 2001, we joined a so-called "project choir". In a project choir singers from different communities and choirs join to practice, and then perform, a major choral work. Our first project was the Elijah / Elias Oratorio by Felix Mendelssohn. We performed it in the Oslo University Aula on February 10, 2002, with 4 soloists, orchestra, and the project choir of 60 singers. Our youngest son Leif Ragnar recorded the whole concert with a multi- microphone setup in the concert hall, by agreement with the organizers. Hugo edited the raw recording, which you can listen to below.

After 2002 we have participated every year in a new project, mostly organized by Skedsmo Kammerkor, see , and performed as a New Year Concert in the Lillestrøm Church. Performances have included the Mozart Requiem (2004), the Christmas Oratorio by J.S.Bach (2005,07,10,15), the Messias by G.F. Haendel (2003,06,08,13), and the Creation by J. Haydn (2009, 16). The constant factor and constant inspiration in all these projects has been our conductor, Gjermund Bjørklund. In the spring of 2011 we participated in a project choir with Nittedal Bygdekor, performing the Requiem by G. Verdi. We had two concerts: in Drammen on May 28, and in Oslo on May 29. See the coverage in Drammens Tidende and in Varingen, Nittedal's local newspaper. In the summer of 2012, we went to Sweden for one week to participate in a one-week choir project organized by Föreningen Vox. On July 8, we performed Petite Messe Solenelle by G. Rossini in Siljansnäs kyrka, with orchestra and 4 soloists. In 2014, we were 100 choir singers doing Mozart's Grosse Messe in C minor, in the New Year Concert in Lillestrøm Church.

The Elijah / Elias oratorio.

The Elias/Elijah oratorio was written by Felix Mendelssohn in 1846. It depicts the life of the Biblical prophet Elias / Elijah. Mendelssohn originally composed the work to a German text, but upon being commissioned by the Birmingham Festival to write an oratorio, he had the libretto translated into English, and the oratorio was premiered in the English version. Mendelssohn uses these Biblical episodes, which in the original are narrated in rather laconic form, to produce very dramatic scenes bordering on opera. Among the episodes are the resurrection of a dead youth, the bringing of rain to parched Israel through Elijah's prayers, and finally the bodily transport of Elijah on a fiery chariot into heaven.

Our 2002 concert.

The soloists were Charlotte Fongen soprano, Hege Høisæter alto, and Magne Fremmerlid bass. Our director: Gjermund Bjørklund.



  1. Introduction: As God the Lord of Israel liveth (Elijah) – Overture
  2. Help, Lord! (chorus)
  3. Lord! bow thine ear to our prayer! (chorus, soprano, alto)
  4. Ye people, rend your hearts (Obadiah)
  5. If with all your hearts (Obadiah)
  6. Yet doth the Lord see it not (chorus)
  7. Elijah! get thee hence (Angel I)
  8. Now Cherith’s brook is dried up (Angel I)
  9. What have I to do with thee? (Widow, Elijah)
  10. Blessed are the men who fear him (chorus)
  11. As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth (Elijah, Ahab, chorus)
  12. Baal, we cry to thee; hear and answer us! (chorus)
  13. Call him louder, for he is a god! (Elijah, chorus)
  14. Call him louder! he heareth not! (Elijah, chorus)
  15. Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel! (Elijah)
  16. Cast thy burden upon the Lord (quartet)
  17. O thou, who makest thine angels spirits (Elijah, chorus)
  18. Is not his word like a fire? (Elijah)
  19. Woe unto them who forsake him! (alto)
  20. O man of God, help thy people! (Obadiah, Elijah, chorus, Youth)
  21. Thanks be to God (chorus)


Please listen:




  1. Hear ye, Israel (soprano)
  2. Be not afraid, saith God the Lord (chorus)
  3. The Lord hath exalted thee (Elijah, Queen, chorus)
  4. Woe to him, he shall perish (chorus)
  5. Man of God, now let my words be precious (Obadiah, Elijah)
  6. It is enough; Lord take my life (Elijah)
  7. See, now he sleepeth (tenor)
  8. Lift thine eyes, lift thine eyes (chorus)
  9. He, watching over Israel, slumbers not (chorus)
  10. Arise, Elijah, for thou hast a long journey (Angel I, Elijah)
  11. O rest in the Lord (Angel I)
  12. He that shall endure to the end, shall be saved (chorus)
  13. Night falleth round me, Lord! (Elijah, Angel II)
  14. Behold! God the Lord passeth by! (chorus)
  15. Above him stood the Seraphim (alto)
  16. Holy, holy, holy (chorus)
  17. I go on my way (Elijah)
  18. For the mountains shall depart (Elijah)
  19. Then did Elijah the prophet break forth (chorus)
  20. Then shall the righteous shine forth (tenor)
  21. Behold, God hath sent Elijah (soprano)
  22. And then shall your light break forth (chorus)
  23. O come everyone that thirsteth (quartet)
  24. And then shall your light break forth (chorus)


Please listen:

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