I have played the piano since my school years in the 1960ies, but never too seriously. In 2000, when I was 53, my youngest son Leif Ragnar taught me how to record music at home and digitize it. I use two microphones hanging over my grand piano, left and right, and feed them into a mixing board for amplification. The sound is then fed into the computer and saved in .wav format. For editing, I use the program Sound Forge, which works very well. Since 2000, I have made 6 piano CDs, which I use as gifts for family and friends. Recent additions are two pieces recorded in September of 2011: the E minor Prelude by Chopin, and the Chanson Triste by Tchaikovski. The latter piece is partly in response to the terrible events in Norway in July that year. In 2012, first two joyful pieces by Grieg, inspired by Norwegian folk dances: Halling and Springdans. Then two new Bach pieces from Bachs Well-tempered Clavier: the Fugue in E flat and the Prelude in D flat. And in 2013, two more Bach pieces: the Invention in A minor, and Badinerie. In 2014, Moment Musical by Schubert and Rondo Amoroso by Harald Sæverud. In 2015, again Sæverud, with his Ballad of Revolt. In 2016, the second movement of the Moonlight Sonata, and the Chant sans Paroles by Tchaikovski.In 2017, the second movement of the Appassionata Sonata. In 2018, Reverie by Debussy, April Snowflowers by Tchaikovski, and Sonatine by Pleyel. In 2019, Sonatina in F by Beethoven.In 2020, parts of Mozart`s sonata 331, including Alla Turca. And Für Elise by Beethoven. In 2021: Happy Chap's Frisky Steps by Saeverud.

To download, just right-click and save as... etc. Remember and respect the Creative Commons license. If you have comments to the music and its interpretation, you can email me at: famparr(at)online.no

J.S.Bach - Prelude C sharp ------------------------------------------ J.S.Bach - Prelude E flat

J.S.Bach - FugueI B flat---------------------------------------------- J.S.Bach - FugueII B flat

J.S.Bach - Prelude D flat----------------------------------------------J.S.Bach - Fugue E flat

J.S.Bach - Invention A minor ---------------------------------------- J.S.Bach - Badinerie

W.A.Mozart - Sonata A minor Allegro ------------------------------ W.A.Mozart - Sonata B flat Allegro

W.A.Mozart - parts of Sonata 331 in A------------------------------Mozart 331 AllaTurca

I. Pleyel - Sonatine D major

Beethoven - Sonata in C Adagio, Scherzo ---------------------------Beethoven - Tempest sonata Allegretto

Beethoven - Sonate Pathetique Grave --------------------------------Beethoven - Sonate Pathetique Adagio

Beethoven - Sonate Pathetique Rondo -------------------------------Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 1st Mvt

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 2d Mvt -------------------------------Beethoven - Appassionata Sonata 2d Mvt

Beethoven - Sonata Opus 90 2d Mvt ------------------------------- Beethoven - Sonatina in F major

R.Schumann - Arabesque ------------------------------------------- Beethoven - Für Elise

R. Schumann - Of Foreign Lands and Peoples -----------------------R.Schumann - Dreaming

F.Schubert - Impromptu C minor ------------------------------------ F.Schubert - Impromptu A flat

F.Schubert - Moment Musical F minor - Air Russe -------------------F. Chopin - Prelude B minor

F.Chopin - Nocturne B minor --------------------------------------- F.Chopin - Nocturne D flat

F.Chopin - Nocturne F minor --------------------------------------- F.Chopin - Waltz C sharp

F.Chopin - Waltz A minor ------------------------------------------ F. Chopin - Nouvelle Etude A flat

F. Chopin - Prelude E minor ---------------------------------------- F.Chopin - Fantaisie Impromptu

C. Debussy - Arabesque ------------------------------------------- C.Debussy - Reverie

P. Tchaikovski - Chanson Triste ------------------------------------- P.Tchaikovski - Chant sans Paroles

P.Tchaikovski - MarchTheLark ------------------------------------- P. Tchaikovski - AprilSnowflowers

P.Tchaikovski - JuneBarcarole --------------------------------------P.Tchaikovski October-Fall

E.Grieg - OnceUponATime ----------------------------------------- E.Grieg - SmallTrolls

E.Grieg - WeddingDayAtTrollhaugen ------------------------------- E.Grieg - InMyHomeland

E.Grieg - SolfagerAndTheSnakeKing ------------------------------- E.Grieg - CradleSong

E.Grieg - Halling / Norw. dance -------------------------------------E.Grieg - Springdans / Norw. dance

I.Albeniz-Granada ---------------------------------------------------H.Saeverud - Rondo Amoroso

H.Saeverud - Ballad of Revolt ---------------------------------------H. Saeverud - Happy Chap's Frisky Steps

If you need a classical ringtone for your mobile phone, try my version of the main theme of Debussy's Arabesque: ArabesqueTheme Or if you like a more insistent ringtone, try the theme from Asturias by Albeniz: AsturiasTheme


E.Grieg - NorwDance2

Norwegian Dance Opus 35 nr.2 is a 4-hand piece, played by Einar Eide and Hugo, at a house concert for friends back in 1997. We recorded it on an old-fashioned cassette tape recorder.

We had two such concerts, one at Einar's house and one at Hugo's (photo).

Einar + Hugo play 4-hand